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The second season of We Bare Bears.


No. Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
1 Yardsaletitlecard Yard Sale February 25, 2016 TBA
The Bears visit a yard sale and buy offbeat items.
2 SlumberpartyTITLECARD Slumber Party March 3, 2016 TBA
A thunderstorm moves in and makes Chloe stay with the Bears for a night and they go a little too far to protect her.
3 Not your fixerupper Bear Cleanse March 10, 2016 TBA
The Bears try a "cleanse" to improve their health, but Grizzly runs into trouble when he realizes he can only eat what grizzlies eat.
4 Nne Nom Nom's Entourage March 17, 2016 TBA
Nom Nom recruits the Bears to act as his entourage of friends, but the Bears quickly realize that Nom Nom does not understand friendship.
5 Rangertabestitlecard Ranger Tabes March 31, 2016 TBA
In order to locate a missing package, the Bears seek help from Ranger Tabes, who has an overbearing sense of justice.
6 Roomz Rooms April 21, 2016 TBA
The Bears switch bedrooms to see each other's living areas.
7 Iceislost Losing Ice April 28, 2016 TBA
Ice Bear becomes a chef at a restaurant, leaving Grizzly and Panda to find a replacement.
8 Cellie Cellie May 5, 2016 TBA
Fed up with sharing, Panda forbids his brothers from using his cellphone any longer. But when his brothers get their own super advanced smartphones, Panda starts to succumb to crippling jealousy.
9 Fb Fashion Bears June 30, 2016 (Online)

August 1, 2016 (Televised)

In order to abide by the clothing policy of their favorite Boba shop, the Bears get some new outfits. But with new looks come new lives including office work, fashion modeling and even falling in love.
10 Islanders The Island July 8, 2016 (Online)

August 2, 2016 (Televised)

While trying to sail to Japan, The Baby Bears get stranded on an island. Luckily, they meet Dave and Karla, who help with survival on the island while looking for an escape.
11 Getdownwiththesickness Bear Flu July 15, 2016 (Online)

August 3, 2016 (Televised)

The Bears become terribly ill and Chloe takes it upon herself to take care of them. But things get tricky when word of the Bears' sickness goes viral.
12 Caw Chicken and Waffles August 4, 2016 TBA
Panda needs to meet his brothers at the hottest restaurant in town, but loses his contacts and can't see how to get into the city.
13 Audition The Audition July 22, 2016 (Online)

August 5, 2016 (Televised)

The Bears audition to be the next mascot for their favorite cereal. They get so caught up in the process that their competitiveness gets the best of them.
14/15 Capitan Captain Craboo September 5, 2016 TBA
The Bears are reunited with their pet crab, Captain Craboo. But after an unfortunate run-in with Nom Nom, the Bears may lose their pet forever.
16 Bboap Baby Bears on a Plane June 30, 2016 (Online)

October 6, 2016 (Televised)

While aboard a plane to Sweden, The Baby Bears are forced to sit in different sections, and things get crazy for all of the passengers.
17 Yatb Yuri and the Bear October 13, 2016 TBA
While living alone in the arctic, Baby Ice Bear meets a mysterious man who helps him survive the frigid environment.
18 In Icy Nights October 20, 2016 TBA
Ice Bear's custom vacuum mobile gets stolen by a gang of techies, and he must navigate the city's underground world in order to retrieve it.
19 Et

Everyone's Tube October 27, 2016 TBA
A anonymous user watches a variety of videos uploaded by The Bears in a compilation style, and viewers see videos the bears have uploaded.
20 CM Creature Mysteries November 3, 2016 TBA
Ranger Tabes tells the Bears she's been investigating a mysterious creature. When the Bears realize she's actually investigating their friend Charlie, they split up to ensure Charlie's safety.
21 Library The Library November 10, 2016 TBA
The Bears help Chloe study for an exam, but accidentally make things harder for her.
22 221title Grizz Helps November 17, 2016 TBA
Grizzly leaves the cave to assist anyone he can in the city.
23 222title Christmas Parties December 1, 2016 TBA
The Bears want to attend Nom Nom's star-studded bash, but must first attend the parties of their other friends.
24 Subway title Subway December 4, 2016 (online)
April 4, 2017 (televised)
The Bears are stranded on a subway platform after missing their train. But while waiting, the Bears are challenged with recovering some lost items.
25 Pandas Friend Title Panda's Friend December 11, 2016 (Korea)
April 6, 2017 (US)
Panda uses an app to find a friend with whom he has more in common, but things take a turn for the worse when the new friend gets too possessive.
26 Wus poppin jimbo Neighbors April 11, 2017 TBA
Some new neighbors set up camp next to the Bears' cave. Panda and Ice Bear love it, but Grizzly thinks they're up to no good.