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Shmorby is the 35th episode of the fourth season of We Bare Bears and the 132nd episode overall.


The Bears get a Shmorby home assistant device and become lazy couch potatoes.







  • This is the second episode featuring Shmorby, the first one being "Googs".
  • This episode reveals that Shmorby is a holographic caterpillar that can metamorphosize into a butterfly after his master is satisfied and leave them after they become active.
  • Panda mentions the VR incident which is featured as a flashback with all The Bears in outer space from the episode "Googs".
  • This is the first episode seeing The Bears inflated and poofy, however, they're actually fat, similar to when Grizzly got fat in the episode "Hibernation".
  • The title card for this episode looks similar to the one in the episode "Beehive". The two episodes have their front porch in the title card.

Cultural References

  • The premise of the episode has some similarities to the 2008 Pixar film, WALL-E. It is mostly the scene were the Bears get obese from getting lazy and when they finally start moving on their own after not relying on technology to help them out.
  • The scene where Ice Bear holds his kitchen knife to Shmorby is similar to the image of the smug cat meme.
  • Pals is a parody of the 90's sitcom, Friends.
  • The Googs Orbs are a reference to Google Assistants.
  • When Shmorby helps to edit Ice Bear's document, he spoofs the Microsoft Word Assistant which was a paper clip.



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We Bare Bears - Shmorby, Home Edition - Cartoon Network

We Bare Bears - Shmorby, Home Edition - Cartoon Network


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