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Silver Bear (voiced by Jason David Frank) is an imaginary bear created by baby Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear in the episode "Imaginary Friend."
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Silver Bear


Lacking a team member for their game of Ultra Meteorite Fighters, the Baby Bears decide to imagine one, and, after a couple of failed attempts, conjure up the adult-sized Silver Bear. Inspired by his personality, the Baby Bears become caught up in their imaginings, fighting against what they perceive to be dangerous monsters. However, upon realizing that they are actually causing harm and damage to real people and their property, the bears determine that Silver Bear is out of control. They then decide to imagine him away, which he initially appears to accept gracefully.

However, during the process of fading away, Silver Bear becomes corrupted, deciding that evil can only be fought by becoming evil himself. He thus assumes the dark new persona of Black Stone, and the Baby Bears-in their Ultra Meteorite Fighter personas-are forced to do battle with him. He soon grows to giant size, but is ultimately defeated when the Baby Bears call upon giant robots modeled after themselves. Returned to his normal self, Silver Bear bids the Baby Bears a sad farewell before disappearing.


  • Silver Bear turning evil is similar to how the Power Rangers character portrayed by his voice actor, Jason David Frank, was initially introduced as an evil Green Ranger. Jason David Frank has, funnily enough, never portrayed a Silver Ranger, but has acted as Green, White, Red (with two separate power sets) and Black Rangers.
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