Sofia Zaragoza is a minor character and made her debut appearance in the episode "Best Bears". She's shown to have multiple talents such as Hang Gliding, and working as a Fashion designer. She's married to Darrell.

Episode Appearances

Season 4



Sofia is shown to be an easy-going, kind and considerate girl. This is proven in the episode where she arranges for Panda to sit at the table of all the single people, for which he's grateful, as well as the moment when she sees the altered wedding cake she finds it funny.. She also has a rather competitive streak, shown when she accept Ice Bear's rematch proposal.[2]


  • Sofia's main hobby is hang gliding.
  • Apparently she has some knowledge about engineering since she was able to build in a portable hang glider into her wedding dress which she can open with a button on the waist. This was an idea from Darrell to "combine her knack for hang gliding and fashion".
  • In her debut episode, when Ice Bear asked for a rematch, which she accepted, it remains unknown on what kind of competition he meant, specially considering Ice Bear's multiple talents.


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