Solar Eclipse of the Night is a movie series that aired in theaters in Cinepia. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Shush Ninjas".


The three main characters of Solar Eclipse of the Night are the two vampires, Jared and Christopher, and the main character and love interest, Laura.

Shush Ninjas

Panda had decided to go into the cinema block this movie was airing in. In the midst of trying to shush all of the fans, a majority of which were female, he ended up getting caught up by the movie. He ended up getting into a block-wide argument over which of the two vampires were better, even tearing up one of the fan's posters.

Panda eventually left the block, covered in popcorn and drinks.


  • In "Shush Ninjas", as far as we know, Solar Eclipse of the Night is only a trilogy, though the saga its parodying is a pentalogy.
  • Jared appears to be the fan favorite.

Cultural References

  • Solar Eclipse of the Night is a clear parody of Twilight, a saga most known for its bad quality.
  • The title could be a play on the Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit single, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

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