Stirfry Stunts is a game based off the episode "Losing Ice" and made by Cartoon Network. It was released on March 23, 2016. It is free to download on Google Play.

You play the game as Ice Bear and you're tasked with serving food to customers as quickly and accurate as you can. Your brothers, Grizzly and Panda will assist you by distracting your customers to give you more time to perfect your dishes. Your service day ends when three customers walk away without any food. When your service day ends, you'll be able to access the store to upgrade your menu, kitchen, and distractions.


"Use Ice Bear's awesome cooking skills to serve up some delicious dishes in Stirfry Stunts!"

How to Play

  • Place foods you have on the grill in accordance to your customers' orders.
  • When the food is done cooking, plate it and deliver it to your customer.
  • After service is over, buy some new foods for your menu, upgrades for your kitchen, or new distractions for your brothers to utilize.



  • ShrimpLittle shrimp, big flavor. (2,000 coins)
    • 3x score
  • SalmonA favorite of bears everywhere. (3,000 coins)
    • 4x score
  • ScallopsMouthwatering morsels. (4,000 coins)
    • 5x score
  • LobsterKings of the ocean. (5,000 coins)
    • 6x score
  • MushroomsFantastic fungi. (5,000 coins)
    • 2x score
  • CarrotsNot just for bunnies. (5,000 coins)
    • 3x score

Kitchen Upgrades

  • Extra PlatesRoom for another order. (5,000 coins)
  • XL GrillCook more foods at one time. (125,000 coins)
  • Infrared PowerCut cooking time in half. (150,000 coins)
  • Nuclear BoostActivate for instant cooking. (175,000 coins)


  • BoomboxSlows down all timers. (15,000 coins)
  • MicrophoneFreeze all timers. (20,000 coins)
  • FeatherReset timer with Panda sneeze. (25,000 coins)
  • TrampolineReset timer with each jump. (30,000 coins)
  • Onion Volcano3x coins during volcano time. (35,000 coins)


  • Forest ViewBack to nature. (200,000 coins)
  • Pool ViewMake a splash. (225,000 coins)
  • Plaza ViewLunchtime special. (250,000 coins)
  • Downtown ViewNeighborhood eatery. (275,000 coins)
  • Skyline ViewLap of luxury. (300,000 coins)


  • Lucy, Chloe and Darrell make occasional appearances as customers to serve.
  • When using Boombox, the song "Yummy Yummy", from the short "Panda's Dream", is played with Panda performing his dance moves in the background.


  • When completing a customer's order and handing it to them, they make a noise of satisfaction. No matter who the customer is, they will always either cheer in Grizzly's voice or say "Cool!" in Panda's voice.
    • This may be Grizzly's and Panda's reactions to Ice Bear's cooking and plating, however there's nothing that indicates this.

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