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The Street Performers are various different minor characters who make their first and only appearance in the episode "Jean Jacket".

Aside from the Bears, they have no known names.


Jean Jacket[]

The street performers are seen at the beginning of the episode on, evidently, the streets. Apparently, they were trying to gain money for unknown reasons. The first three street performers shown, a break-dancer, a robot man and a guitarist, all get a ton of money. The Bears, on the contrary, only get 25 cents. Grizzly is beat-boxing, Panda is playing the tambourine and Ice Bear is playing the bagpipes.

It starts raining and, after an accident with the Bears' music sheet, they end up losing their 25 cents.

Cultural References[]

  • The robot man may be a reference to the Robot Man, a well-known TV trope and a type of performer where the person makes themselves look like a robot and proceed to dance and act like a robot on the street.

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