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Sugar Shine is advertised as All Natural, 100% Juice. It made its first appearance in the episode "Brother Up".

It also appeared in the episode "Hibernation".


The packet seen is shown to come with an orange, thin bendy-straw. The packet itself is mainly blue with presumably different variations of fruit on the front. The particular packet shown has two cherries and two halves of a lemon on the front. The name of the product is at the top in aqua letters, a label saying "All Natural" right under it. There are also sparkles on the packet. On the bottom right corner of the packet is a small label saying "100% Juice".

Brother Up

Panda takes a packet of Sugar Shine out of the cupboard to drink after putting Ice Bear to bed. He sets the packet down after getting distracted by his reflection in the window.


Grizzly is seen grabbing a packet of Sugar Shine from a cabinet with other food items while binge eating.

Cultural References

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