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Hey, I'm your new mom: Tank. You kids like basketball?
—"Mom App", Tank introducing herself to The Bears.

Susan Tanketha Jackson (or just Tank) is a mom-for-hire on the Mom App. She is the third mother The Bears hired and the main antagonist in the episode Mom App.


You gotta get buff, like me!
—"Mom App"

Tank has short blond hair with a curl hanging from the middle. She has very defined muscles, with large biceps and thighs. She has a very strong neck and pectorals at well. She has a notably strong jawline, sharp chin, and cheekbones. She stands about a head taller than the Bears when they are upright.

Her wardrobe consists of a sleeveless, white tank top tucked into green, camouflage-pattern shorts. She wears sneakers, with pulled down gym socks.


You don't know what's good for you!.
—"Mom App"

Tank is very strict and intolerant of the Bear's laziness, doing things like stealing their phones and throwing out their TV. She is not above moving, taking, and even destroying the Bears' property. She seems to take her job very seriously, forbidding the Bears from cancelling her. She likes fitness and seeks to keep the Bears in the same great shape as her, replacing their beds with gym equipment. She also hates technology, especially for her kids.

She is very proud of her figure, evident by her phone's background being a picture of her flexing her bicep. Often times, she gloats about her own strength and figure. When she isn't, she'll usually insult others in comparison to her, saying they need to "get buff like her". She often ignores responses or refuses to do anything other than what she deems is best for everyone else. She dislikes disobedience and unexpected visitors.

When confronted by her mother, Tank is shown to have a very sensitive side. She is easily detained by her mother, getting dragged out crying by the ear. This reaction may suggest her own mother used the same strict parenting method she uses on the Bears. This seems to be Tank's biggest (and only) weakness.


You think you can run from me? You're too weak!
—"Mom App"



Tank is very athletic, given her muscular body. She can jump long distances, as shown when she jumps to dunk a basketball into a hoop. She can also jump onto her feet after being on a hanging crunch bar, requiring her to do some kind of backflip. She can expertly dribble a basketball as well.



She can move heavy objects with ease, such as the Bear's Couch and TV (the latter of which she is able to casually toss through a window). She can push the couch with all three bears on it (which she seems to show some struggle in doing) and knock down a door off its hinges with a single kick.

She is able to lift the three bears themselves, picking up all three off the ground at once with little struggle. Estimated, Griz and Ice Bear could weigh as much as 600 pounds while Panda could weigh around 300. This means she could potentially lift over 1500 pounds with minimal effort, which would be more than double (almost triple) the most weight ever lifted by a human.



Tank is able to do tasks for long periods of time without exerting much effort. After running 30 laps around The Cave, she doesn't seem tried at all. She is also seen doing hanging crunches very easily, as if it requires very little of her to do. It's possible she is even doing them in her sleep, (though she could have just been faking to catch the Bears trying to sneak into her room).



Tank's body seems extremely durable. She is able to jump several feet from a helicopter (without a parachute) and land with her legs on solid ground, perfectly fine, a feat that would be impossible to most normal people.


Mommy! No! Stop! Owww!
—"Mom App", getting dragged out of the house by her mother.



Like all mothers on the Mom App, she is a victim to the company's orders. Meaning that, if the client requests, they can cancel her through their services through the app, thus forcing them to leave. This can be simply fixed by taking away the user's means of using the app, which Tank does by stealing Panda's Phone.

Parental Authority[]


Tank's biggest weakness is her own mother, Mrs. Jackson. Instantly after being scolded by her, Tank obeys her and is able to be detained, both physically and mentally. She seems very scared of her mother and even cries when she's yelled at.



Tank is a very prideful person, insisting others be as buff and strong as her and forcing her "children" to exercise until they are. She also seems to not like being cancelled. This could either be because she thinks she's perfect and cancelling her makes no sense, she is too prideful of herself to allow it to happen, or because she simply thinks she knows what's best.


You need to listen to your mother!
—"Mom App"

In "Mom App", after two failed attempts to hire a suitable mother, Ice Bear picks a mother. He picks Tank, who skydives out of a helicopter seconds after the order is placed. She impresses them by slam-dunking a basketball into a hoop. They ask if she can teach them to dunk as well, but she tells them they're too weak, unlike her, and forces them into doing exercise. Afterward, the bears are about to start watching TV when Tank throws it out the window, commenting how technology makes kids lazy. They quickly decide to cancel, but Tank steals Panda's phone before they can.

She then puts them into their new bedroom, in which the beds are really exercised equipment. They sneak out and attempt to steal back the phone while she's sleeping. Grizz is shocked to see her still awake, but quickly realizes she's just doing crunches in her sleep. They find what they believe is Panda's phone, but turns out to be Tank's similar-looking phone.

She wakes up and chases them around the house to steal back her phone, as the bears quickly mess with her phone. She catches them and takes it back, telling them they can't cancel her easily. But she realizes they didn't try to cancel her but instead called her mother , who takes her away crying.


I'm gonna whip you boys into shape!
—"Mom App"

"All this tech stuff is no good for you kids."


Grizz didn't care for Tank's methods of parenting, hating the physical labor and ban of technology. He is the first one to suggest the idea of getting rid of her. He was, however, very impressed by her basketball skills and wished for her to teach him.

Ice Bear[]


"30 laps! Let's go, let's go, let's go!"

Although being the one who chose Tank in the first place, Ice Bear agreed with his brothers to get rid of her after seeing her harsh parenting. He is intimated by Tank's power and strength, which is very uncharacteristic of him. At one point, he cowardly says "Ice Bear wants to be coach potato" when Tank accuses them of such. Ice Bear is the second to agree with the idea to get rid of her.



"You can't cancel me that easily!"

Panda, much like Grizz, didn't care for Tank's methods of parenting, especially her taking his phone away. He is very hesitant to do any exercising Tank suggests. And, while he was the last to join on the decision to get rid of her due to his laziness, he was the first one to directly stand up to Tank, calling her a "Big Bully". He was also the one to have the idea to call Tank's own mother, who ultimately took her away.

Mrs. Jackson[]


"Mommy! No! Stop! Ow!"

Mrs. Jackson is the mother to Tank. Despite Tank seeming tough, she quickly cowers in fear when she sees her. Mr.s Jackson still has complete control over her daughter, even as an adult. She scolds Tank for her actions, and drags Tank to her car by her ear. But, she does remark that that Tank is a "sweet girl", showing she still cares about her daughter. It's possible Tank's overbearing parenting came from her own mother's parenting.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 4[]


  • She has the same phone as Panda.
  • Given her nickname, attitude, outfit, and entrance via helicopter, it's possible Tank served in the military at some point.
  • When she first enters, the accompanying song sounds very similar to AC/DC's "Back In Black".
  • Tank seems to be one of the few characters who actually intimidates Ice Bear.
  • Despite her weaknesses, it's quite possible that Tank is the strongest character in the show.
  • Tank is voiced by Jane Lynch, who has voiced characters similar to Tank in the past.
    • Examples include Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck-it-Ralph and Sue Sylvester from Glee, both of whom may have been the inspiration for Tank's character.



We Bare Bears - The Buff Mom - Cartoon Network

A video showcasing her, titled "The Buff Mom" was uploaded to the Cartoon Network Youtube on August 10th, 2018. The description reads:

"The Bears use an app that'll bring a mom right to their door, for the second time, but they don’t exactly get what they bargained for!"

This description is actually wrong, since Tank is the third mom they order, not the second.

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