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The Techies Gang is a criminal organization that is, apparently, led by Barry and has its first appearance in the plot in "Icy Nights".


As you can see in "Icy Nights", it is possible that Barry is at the top of the gang hierarchy. Being their leader, and like any leader, he has complete control over his henchmen, commanding them to do what he wants when he wants them to.

The Arena[]

The arena is the place where the Brogrammers fight indirectly through the use of robots. As can be seen in "Icy Nights", the arenas are underground as well as being secret and only accessed by members of the gang. Usually, the arena is large with several lights to illuminate the place, with four screens on top of a well that is where the robots are deposited and fight each other. Usually, the well is deep, probably so there are no accidents with the pieces coming out of the robots. (It can be seen that thanks to the depth of the well, a member of the gang survived. Thanks to the wall that was there and the depth of the well, he was not hit by the Ice Bear's axe.)

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