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They weren't brothers by birth, but they knew from the start, fate brought them together to be brothers by heart.

The Bears are an adoptive family of Three Bears of separate species and are the face of the Cartoon Network original series We Bare Bears. The family includes the three main characters: Grizzly, Panda, and Ice Bear, each having their own personalities, interests and talents. They've been together ever since they were young cubs, as first revealed, unofficially, in the web comic The Three Bare Bears and the "Pilot" and officially in the episode "Burrito". When traveling as a stack, they usually form with Grizzly on top, Panda in the middle, and Ice Bear on the bottom, in accordance with their respective ages.



They met on a railroad. Panda and Grizzly were about to get run over by a train, but Ice Bear came to save them. Grizzly was born in a forest in the United States and was found perched on a tree by park rangers while in distress. He was afterward adopted by a TV Network to star in Family Troubles, a Canadian Sitcom; Panda was originally from Shanghai, China and raised in captivity until he escaped the facility and Ice Bear came from the Russian Arctic and was raised by Yuri until he was forced to leave him on a floating iceberg after being chased off by hunters.

Ever since they met, which was seen at the beginning of the movie, they have been sticking together in search of a new home. For a while, their home was a box on a road with "Free Bears" written on the side. In "The Road", their attachment to boxes seems to be rather strong, and, after losing theirs, they attempt to find another box to replace it. Though they occasionally find places to stay that aren't boxes, they don't seem to travel very far without one.

The Three eventually found themselves lost at sea with no food in an attempt to reach Japan. Eventually, a large wave crashes into them and washes them up onto the shore of an island where they meet two castaways. They introduce themselves as Dave who is a jerk and Karla who is a kindhearted person, respectively. The Bears discover they've been trying to escape for a while but with no success. After some time with them, which includes seeing Dave as a love-induced jerk who tries to keep her alone on the island without any rescue, the Bears are back on their own when they arrived at their destination: Japan.

The Bear's adventures had soon escalated as time went on: They helped a ramen chef keep her family restaurant open, hooked a flight that almost descended to madness, became students, ninjas, paperboys, basketball players, backup singers, warriors of the laser battlefield, etc. One night, the Magical Box, their box, becomes infused with stardust energy, that had them go through other worlds. Eventually, they outgrew it and went back on their own.


Even as adults, the Bears found themselves homeless and strapped for cash. Though they had made many attempts in finding the perfect home for themselves after settling in San Francisco, Bay Area, none of them seemed to succeed. They eventually buy a homemade dream catcher from a stand on the street and use it to try and dream up their perfect home. By the time a raccoon stole it, they are led to a pristine cave that went on to become their home (5+ years ago).

The Bears then tried their best to fit into society, soon eventually befriending an array of miscellaneous citizens of this town. When their latest chance got them to court, they're in pursuit of Agent Trout, who wishes to separate the Bears and the modern world. The bears tried to escape into Canada, only to be stopped and caught by Trout. They eventually escaped alongside all the captive Bears Trout caught over the years and finally got the whole town to welcome the Bears, completing their mission.


Together, the Three Bears each can form a stack, the order going from eldest to youngest, top to bottom. This stack is their signature pose and their most frequent form of travel. It can also sometimes be used for extra elevation if needed.

The Bears[]

  • Grizzly: Being a grizzly bear, he is familiar with the forest area the Bears live in. He is the oldest and leader of the three and is seen as such. He tries his best to do what's right for both the benefit of himself and his family, he can sometimes get carried away. Growing up without guardians, much like his brothers, he grew up trying to be a model big brother though his irresponsible and childish behavior often hinders him from doing a good job at it.
  • Panda: He seems to have more knowledge in things regarding technology and things since he's from the Eastern World. He's the middle brother and, as stated by Grizzly, is "the link that holds them all together". He seems to be the most delicate of the trio, being both quite anxious and, as Grizzly also described, "cute". Even so, he does care about his brothers and will try to pitch in whenever he can.
  • Ice Bear: The youngest of the trio, but is undoubtedly the toughest of them. Being the most mature and responsible of them, he tends to do most of the chores of the cave, and he doesn't mind doing so. Despite his willingness to pitch in where the others don't, he still takes days off to relax and unwind. Not only is he a smart and strong bear, but he's also essential to the Bears' brotherhood.


  • In the "Pilot", Ice Bear refers to being on the bottom of the Bear Stack as "driving".
  • The Bears are not biological brothers due to them being different species, however, they still see and refer to each other as brothers.[1]
  • The Bears have been living in their cave for over five years and found it when they were adults.[2]
  • The three have been shown to drink coffee every morning. A statement Grizzly made implies they always make and have coffee together.
    • Grizzly has a "#1 Big Brother" coffee mug.
  • Due to their species, the Bears are frequently compared to the Bears Grizzly, Panda and Polar Bear from the anime Shirokuma Café. Daniel Chong stated that he wasn't aware of this anime until way later and that these similarities were just a coincidence.[3]
  • In "Chloe" it is shown that the Bears seem to have some sort of skill in creating presentations via the PowerPoint-like program Chloe uses.
    • The rather atrocious spelling may hint that it was Grizzly who wrote the presentation as Grizzly is shown, throughout the series, to struggle with handwriting and spelling.
  • The first episode where none of the Bears are seen together is "Yuri and the Bear".
  • In the first episode where none of the Bears appear is "Kyle". This happens again in "El Oso".
  • The Bears are the first characters seen in the theme song when they first start falling from the sky and onto the road of San Francisco then they start walking through many different places like, walking past people on their phones, then playing basketball but they missed, then the library passing a library book to Chloe, then getting a drink at a drive thru of a fast food restaurant, then Nom Nom coming to throw a bottle at Panda knocking his drink out of his hand, then all 3 of the Bears falling into a ball pit and getting out with a bunch of kids on them and Grizzly holding a black umbrella opening it and getting blown away in the wind, then he dances, then Panda on his phone with a pop up message saying "Yo Date" and a picture of him on it, then Ice Bear as a king riding a cow and waving to the audience, wearing a crown, lipstick, and a band that says "Honorable Mention", then they end up at their cave where Charlie appears coming out of the forest and walking through it to another tree hiding while Panda gives Grizzly his phone and takes a picture of all 3 of each other, then the title of the show is seen on the phone with the Bears in it.
  • Whenever the Bears get surprised, scared, or excited, they're always widening their eyes, especially when they're Baby Bears (Kids).


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