The Bears' Laptop is often used by the Bears while browsing the web. They are usually seen on the website Everyone's Tube. It made its first appearance in the Pilot and its main series debut in the episode "Viral Video".

It also appeared in the episodes "Food Truck", "Everyday Bears", "Burrito", "Primal", "Nom Nom", "Charlie", "Brother Up", "Video Date", "Cupcake Job", "Yard Sale" , "Bear Cleanse" , "Rooms" , "Losing Ice" , "Cellie" , "Bear Flu" , "Grizz Helps" , and "Christmas Parties".


In most instances of its appearance, it is used as a method of exposure to potential misadventures, such as Meme-Con and Badger in the Wild. It has a solid grey colour with no particular additions.

Sometime before the events of "Cupcake Job", Ice Bear breaks the laptop by accidentally putting it in the washing machine. As a result, the Bears get a job at the Cupcake Shop to repair it.


  • It is the first laptop to be seen in the series, the second being Chloe's laptop.
  • In "Viral Video", it was used to upload the videos "Breakfast!! Yelling Panda" and "!!! Cutest video ever LOLZ" to the website Everyone's Tube in an attempt to acquire "internet fame".
  • It was used by Grizzly to write a negative review about Ramen Tacos.

Cultural References

  • The operating system installed on the laptop closely resembles MacOS. The only major difference is the Minimize, Window, and Close buttons are on the right side of the browser's top bar, which is usually seen in operating systems like Windows or Linux, not Mac.
    • A post on Tumblr by Louie Zong may very likely confirm the Operating System on the laptop is a Mac.[1]
    • The desktop wallpaper resembles the default wallpaper seen on fresh installs of Mac OS X.
    • The cursor also resembles that of a cursor used on a Mac.
    • The desktop icons, most notably the Folders and the Trash Can, nearly perfectly mimic the desktop icons of a Mac.
  • The go-to browser the Bears use on the laptop bears a visual resemblance to Chromium, however, some aspects of the browser also resemble features of newer versions of Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. The icon on the Dock resembles the Internet Explorer icon.
  • The go-to social media site Panda visits often on the laptop parodies the popular website Facebook.


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