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The Cave is The Bears' current home. It resides on the outskirts of the forest and is within city boundaries. It was first seen in both the "Pilot" and in "Viral Video". The cave has made frequent appearances throughout the series; seen in almost every episode.



It is a cave with a door that has a basketball hoop above it and several small windows. The Cave has a satellite dish along with a small tree or branch growing on the top. A lawn chair and blue bin can be seen in front of the cave. Next to the Cave sits a shack.


The closet has several coats hanging, boxes inside, and a vacuum. There is a desk, chair, and computer. There is a couch, coffee table, and TV with gaming system. Grizzly and Panda each have their own room while Ice Bear sleeps in the fridge.

Occupy Bears[]

The cave is threatened to be destroyed in order to build a cell phone tower. Fortunately, the Bears prove it is their place of residence, and construction is taken elsewhere.

In some flashbacks, it is also revealed that after two failed attempts at finding a home, the Bears purchase a dream catcher that is later stolen by a raccoon. The Bears give chase, but the raccoon manages to escape. Since it begins to rain, the Bears take shelter in the cave that would soon become their home.


  • The Bears managed to get plumbing and wiring set up in the Cave.
  • The Cave first debuted in the second episode, "Viral Video", rather than the first.
  • The Cave is decorated similar to that of a human house in the main series. Compare this to the much-less decorated cave seen in the "Pilot".
  • The Bears moved into their cave on March 9th and have lived in it for over five years, as revealed in a flashback from "Occupy Bears".
  • In "Bear Squad", the Bears' cave address, as written on the back of Miki-chan, is: Bear Cave, Forest Bay Area, 91502. In real life, 91502 is one of the ZIP codes for Burbank, California.

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