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The Forest is a forest area right outside the Bear Cave. It made its first appearance in the episode "Viral Video".

It has also appeared in the episodes "Food Truck", "Everyday Bears", "Burrito", "Primal", "Nom Nom", and "Charlie".


Inside the forest, as with many other forests, there is many green shrubbery and very large trees. Not much floral plants can be seen in the several shots the forest is seen in.

The forest is shown to have several clearings, some of which are used as picnic areas while others are used for camping.


  • As hinted in "Burrito" and by "Charlie" in "Brother Up", hunters are allowed to roam freely through the forest to hunt, and in "Occupy Bears", a construction team is allowed to do work extremely close to the forest, thus proving the forest is not protected by the state.
  • Charlie is hunted in the forest because he lived in the forest.

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