The Kitty Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "The Kitty".

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"Where is it?"
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[The episode starts with five birds flying past some trees while they are making bird noises suddenly a animal jumps past who then lands on the floor,snarls and moves forward to a clearing in a bush showing the bears walking past on a log.]

Panda: So then i messaged her,"How about a sun-date this Sunday?"

[Cuts to another angle.]

Grizz: Yeah, And?

Panda: Never heard back. I think i used too many emojis.

Grizz: Aw. that's too bad

[The animal runs past and roars, Then jumps out of a nearly bush and into a hollow log.]

Panda: So what are you guys doing to day?

[The camera then shows the bears walking towards the log.]

Grizz: Nothing, Got anything in mind?

[cuts to side angle.]

Panda: There's this really cool documentary about anime!

[Ice bear jumps over log.]

Panda: Only five hours!

[The bears hear a soft growl and Ice bear stops walking, There eyes grow bigger and they turn the heads towards the log the animal is hiding in.]

Grizz: Huh? What was that?

[Cuts to angle where bears are looking inside the purring log.]

Grizz: Panda stick your paw in there and see what it is

Panda: what? No,you do it!

[Camera cuts to animal lying down in log.]

Grizz: Um, Hey there!

[Cuts to Grizz and panda looking inside log while Ice bear is looking at it on top of the log.]

Grizz: You okay?

[Cuts to animal.]

Grizz: Oh my gosh! Its coming out!

[Cuts to panda and Grizz.]

Panda: What is that thing?

[Camera cuts to animal who makes it way out of the log revealing a peach colored kitten.]

Kitty: Meow

[cuts to Grizz and Panda with large eyes.]

Grizz and Panda: [gasps.] Aww!

[Cuts to kitty looking up at the two bears.]

Panda: Its a little kitty!

Kitty: [ tilts head.] Meow!

Grizz: [picks Kitty up.] Oh, Look at that face! OH!

[Grizz stands up and so does Panda, Ice bear walks over to Panda smiling.]

Grizz: We have a Internet celebrity in the making! [ Eyes turn back to normal and so does Ice bears]

[ Kitty climbs around Grizz and jumps into Pandas arms, Ice bear tilts his head to get a better look, camera cuts to the Kitty touching Pandas fur.]

Panda: [laughs] it tickles!

[ Camera cuts to the bears again Panda puts the Kitty on his head.]

Panda: [ Eyes go back to normal] Ahh. My body feels like fresh dough.

[ Kitty jumps on to Ice bears and Ice bears eyes grow bigger.]

Kitty: Meow [Purrs and lies down.]

Ice bear: Ice bears cold heart is melting [Closes eyes]

Panda: [ eyes go large and gasps] wait a minute, I'm allergic to cats and yet I don't feel any different, This cat is magical! Can we keep it?

Ice bear: Ice bear thinks we need more roommates

[ scene change: bears cave]

Grizz: Welcome to your new home roomie! [Grizz is in living room with brothers.] This is where we spread most of are time, You know just chilling. [Grizz walks by his room and stands in the doorway] Now this is my room A.K.A the coolest room in the whole cave

Kitty: Meow

Panda: [Cuts to his room] This is my room! [points] sometimes this room is off limits. [points to kitten] But your VIP. So the door is always open to you.[ Gestures to whole room and Grizz and Ice bear walk off]

Grizz: and here's the bathroom. Ha, This is where the magic happens

[ Grizz goes to fill a bowl with water and places it on the floor where the kitten is lying down. The kitten then gets up, meows and starts drinking. The bears are sitting down around him. Panda is on his phone looking stuff up.]

Grizz: So here's the plan. We get a couple pizzas,Chips,Some guac, And watch a couple action films.[ puts paws in the air.] Best party ever!

Panda: Wait. This website says that cats only eat cat food. I guess that makes scene.

Grizz: Okay to the grocery store! Ha Ha

[Bears get up and move to door]

Panda: Wait, shouldn't he come with us? He probably knows about this then we do?

Grizz: Ah, Its all good.[Gestures to Kitty.] lets him adjust to his new home.

Kitty: Meow

[Ice bear fans himself]

Panda and Grizz: Aww!

Panda: Oh,ho,ho!

[Time ship: 4 HOURS LATER...clock ticking and the Kitten meows. The bears are outside about to get to their house with their cat food.]

Grizz: How about whiskers the cat? Nah to simple. How bout Tiger claws?

[Cuts to side view.]

Panda: Hmm, sounds bit too evil.

Grizz: Ah, your right.Okay, I think we can all agree that Thunderbolt is still the best option [Panda and Ice bear nod there heads and panda opens the door.] We're home little bud-

[They hear a cougar roar and they all gasps and scream as the cougar runs after them. Lucky Panda shuts the door before the cat reaches them,However there's claw marks in the door]

Grizz: Wow! Cats grow up really fast!

[They move towards the front room window]

Grizz: [Gasps] It's a cougar! [The cougar is one the sofa scratching it]

Panda: Huh? There's more of em! [Two more cougars show up from different doorway and Thunderbolt comes out from the left side of the scene]

Thunderbolt: Meow

[The Cougar on the sofa jumps off and walks over to Thunderbolt and licks him twice]

Grizz: [Who is still looking though the window with his brothers.] Whoa! its not eating Thunderbolt or anything.[Looks away from window and so does his brothers.] It's just treating it like it's its son or something. But why would it do that?

All Bears: [Look up at sky] OH!

[They here a loud crashing coming from inside and they look back in again seeing one cougar ripping the sofa and another one with Thunderbolt on it back that pushed the sofa over]

Grizz: Augh! Its headed for the kitchen!

[The bears start painting as they head to the kitchen window, When they get there they see on cougar in the fridge and Thunderbolt on the table playing with a cup. The cougar in the fridge takes Ice bears axe and starts biting it ]

Ice bear: [Large eyes] Ice bear's axe.

[The camera then zooms in to the cougar biting the axe. The cougar then walks off to do something else leaving Ice bear's bitten axe on the floor.]

Ice bear: Ice bear will avenge you. [Try's to run forward]

Grizz: [Holds onto a struggling Ice bear and stops him from breaking the window.] No,No,No,No,No! Its too late, Bro. Its cougar-town!

Panda: Ah! Did I close my room?!

[Panda starts Panting as he starts running to his bed room window. Grizz and Panda follow behind]

Panda: Phew! That was scary. Well there no way they can open my Door, So...

Grizz: Uh, Pan-Pan

Panda: [Turns to Grizz] Huh?

[At that moment the door handle starts rattling and it opens slowly,Thunderbolt is hanging onto it and his family of cougars start walking into panda's room. One of the cougars goes over to laptop.]

Panda: Oh,No,No,No,No! Not the laptop! I'm still working on my memoir!

[The same cougar put its paws on the table and starts reading Pandas memoir which is titled "Life in black and white." which also has a picture of panda wearing a orange scarf. The cougar then gets bored,Yawns and walks off.]

Panda: Well, That was unnecessary, I mean it was only a first draft.

[The bears then hear another cougar who's head is under panda's bed.]

Panda: Oh, Please,Oh no!

[The cougar pulls out Miki-Chan, Panda's body pillow]

Panda: [gasps] Miki-Chan!

[The same cougar lies down next to the body pillow and Purrs while Thunderbolt meows and climbs on top off it. While he is mewing hes shaking the part where Miki-Chan face is printed.]

Panda: [sobbing] Oh, Miki-Chan! [pulls away from the window and his brother put their attention to Panda.] That's It! They have gone to far!

Grizz: Yeah! This is our home!

Ice bear: Ice bears casa. [punches hand] No es su casa.

Grizz: But how are we going to get rid of these cougars?

Panda: Not a problem. [Pulls out phone from behind back and starts tapping the phone.] We'll just do some research. [Panda starts looking on everyone's tube. On the search bar he has put "How to get cougars out of house." ] Nope, No [goes down.] nope, Nope nothing on cougars. But there a ton of cat videos.

Grizz: [looks at Panda's phone.] Huh. Well, Cougars are just bigger cats, Right?

Panda: Yeah, I guess

Grizz: Well,Then, Its time its time to learn everything about cats.

[80-style synth pop music plays while the bears are watching cat videos. The first one they watch is a cat playing a keyboard. Ice bear is writing stuff down while panda is holding his phone. Ice bear and Grizz nod there heads. The scene changes to the bear shed and Ice bear opens the door with his brothers behind him. He picks up a old keyboard and blows on it to get the dust off. The next video is a cat playing with wool. Then two more cats pop out and meows. Grizz then starts looking for some wool.The next video is cats popping bubble rap. Panda goes to do find some and finds some in a box. He pops some of it and smiles. The last video is about laser pointers and cats chasing them. Panda then downloads one on his phone. However its taking ages to do so. Grizz tapes some magazines to his arms. Panda puts a hat on his head. Ice bear puts on some trousers with a belt that says "Ice." Grizz puts swimming googles on, Panda puts some books on his knees, Ice bear puts face paint on and gloves as well. The bears all each take a walkie talkie and hide in a bush.]

[Martial music plays.]

Grizz: [brings walkie talkie to mouth.] Grizz to bros [walkie talkie sound] Coast is clear!

Panda: Grizz, we're right next to you, I...

Grizz: [interrupts Panda and holds walkie talkie over head as he moves his arm back and fort.] Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan, Pan-Pan! [walkie talkie sound.]

[Ice bear holds up his own walkie talkie.]

Panda: Ugh. [ holds up walkie talkie and it makes that same sound.] Panda to Grizz, hear you loud and clear. [walkie talkie sound.]

Grizz: Awesome [ walkie talkie sound and all bears put down their walkie talkie down. Grizz then turns to Ice bear and makes hand signals, Grizz does the same with panda. Panda nods and looks worried who goes of screen one direction while Ice bear goes of the other way. Grizz puts the snorkel into his mouth and spins as he disappears into the bush.]

Panda: [walks slowly to front door and pulls out walkie talkie which makes a sound.] I'm at the front door [reaches out to open it.] initiating phase one. [walkie talkie sound.] Ahh [runs away from door and camera cuts to Grizz holding his walkie talkie which make a sound.] Phase one is complete! [walkie talkie sound.]

Grizz: Nice one, Pan-Pan. [walkie talkie sound and Grizz puts it down and pulls out a ball of red string.] Fire in the hole! [bites end of sting then throws it as he grunts. The ball of string lands just around the front door which gets the attention of a cougar who was siting on the sofa as well as Thunderbolt . The cougar growls and Thunderbolt meows. The cougar growls again and goes after it. Thunderbolt meows again and does the same. Grizz watches from the safety of the bush, the cougar starts growling again and it tilts his head while Thunderbolt joins it. The cougar pokes it with the end of its paw who then picks it up, roles on it back and plays with it. Thunderbolt watches as he puts his paws on the cougar belly. Soft music plays and Grizz gasps and pops his head out of the top of his hiding place] Yes! Its working! [reaches down to pick up walkie talkie as it makes a sound.] Grizz to Panda, the yam is in the chicken coop [camera cuts to Panda who makes his way out of a different bush.] I repeat the yam is in the chicken coop.

Panda: [walkie talkie sound.] Roger that. Initiating phase two [Walkie talkie sound.]

[Scene cuts to Panda crawling]

Panda: This one's for Miki-chan 

[Pops a bubble]

[The cougar has a pillow with Miki-chan then drops it]

[The cougar walks to it and smells it then pops a bubble]

[The cougar looks if anyone is there]

[The cougar steps on it and plays with it]

Panda: Phase two is a success! Over! We took the bait.[Walkie talkie sound]

Grizz: Here your loud and clear. [Walks over to panda] How's your situation, little bro, over? [Walkie talkie sound, scene cuts to Ice bear crawling up a hill from the back. He holds up the walkie talkie]

Ice bear: Ice bear is in position, over. [ Walkie talkie sound, Ice bear stands up and holds a keyboard that is raped up in a rope. He puts his 'finger' on the play button and the keyboard say "SONG PLAY" Yankee Doodle plays on the electronic keyboard and Ice bear moves his head from side to side. he hangs it over the kitchen and waves it around. A cougar puts it head up that has what looks like to be pink frosting around its lips, yowls. The cougar licks its lips while it growls. Ice bear is seen on the top of his house holding a fishing rod as Yankee doodle continues to play, its cuts to the cougar again who is moving closer and closer to the keyboard which leaves the window the cougar is staring at suddenly. The cougar is confused and stops. The door opens and it turns it head, The keyboard is seen hanging over there now. It cuts to Ice bear who is running away with the keyboard. Holding his walkie talkie.] Ice bear is Bringing party to you. [ Cougar is seen chasing after him. Ice bear runs past the two cougars who are playing with the ball of red sting and the bubble wrap. he drops it and the cougar that was chasing after him stops and is plunking keyboard notes.]

[The bears all run up to each other in front of their house and panting.]

Grizz: Did we do it? [he and his brothers look other to the cougars engaged in there things] Aw, They're pretty cute [panda puts his paws near his mouth] When they're playing like that. [They become worried.] okay, now! [They run to there house. The cougars notice this and start growling. They leave the objects alone. All the bears scream as the run into their house. They shut the door and one of the cougars jump on the door and jumps back. Cuts to the bears all panting.] We're alive.

Grizz and Panda: We're alive! [The put their hands in the air, Ice bear does the same.]

Panda: [Bends down,picks up Miki-chan and hugs it.] Oh, Miki-chan, Your samurai has arrived!

[All the cougars jump thew the windows breaking them, They roar. Panda drops Miki-chan. and Grizz and Panda scream while Ice bear looks worried. The cougars run after the bears as they run around there house. Grizz jumps on the couch and is surrounded.]

Panda: Grizz!

[One cougar bites Grizz's arm where a magazine is.]

Panda: Oh, no Grizz! [Holds onto Ice bear.] We gotta do something! [His phone buzzes.] huh... My phone? [Takes phone out that is on the downloading page of the laser pointer. Which is finished. Its has five stars.Some reviews include, Katie s "Great app! Cured my illness.! Tom z "Good stuff." And Matt o "Good ooo!" The Phone beeps and the downloading bar changes to a open button.] Its the laser pointer app! We can use this! [He puts his paw on the open button and the app opens. He presses the red button in the middle of the app, It beeps again and it transmits a laser from the phone to the floor.] Ah...oh! [Guides laser to wall. Cougars stop growling a look to the wall.]