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The Road Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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[The episode starts in a desert]

(A car drives by the cubs in a box)

Grizzly: Free bears! Get them while their hot! *Sigh* (Sees another car) (gasp) Another one! Free bears! Free bears here! Free for the price of none!

(Someone in the car throws a soda can at him)

Grizzly: Hey! Control your child!

(The person in the car throws another soda can at him while driving away.)

(Ice Bear stops the can from hitting them)

Grizzly: Oh no! They dented our box! Poor box.

Panda: (Wakes up with eyes closed) Where are we? Have we been picked up yet? Have we made it up to Paris?

Grizzly: No Panda, were not in Paris, were still in (happily) this desert!

Panda: Awww (Covers face)

Grizzly: Don't be sad Pan Pan! We'll catch a ride soon. (Sees another car) Look! Someone's coming now! Free bears! Free bears here!

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