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The Shack is a shed-like building that sits just outside the Bears' cave. It was first seen in "Nom Nom". Other notable appearances were in "Hibernation" and "Bear Cleanse".



Wooden beams can be visibly seen along with a large window and a wooden door. The walls all around are stucco painted a light beige. The window on the front consists of six panels and has teal curtains on the inside. As opposed to shingles, the roof is made up of wooden panels that extend off down the edges of the roof on both the front and back while, on the sides, the wood comes up to just above the roof-level.

The shack's roof is visibly made on a diagonal.


The inside walls are painted the same color as the stucco on the outside. Dark-brown wooden beams can be seen throughout the entire structure; beams lining the walls just under the ceiling with more beams running in-between them, likely for support. Many shelves can be seen on the inside, holding things like buckets of paint and normal buckets. In one corner different gardening tools can be seen with a couple of barrels sitting next to them. In the back is a table with a cork bulletin board hanging just above it.


  • The shack was likely built by the Bears early on after they had first moved in to their cave.
  • The shack is also known as the shed.
  • In episode "Icy Nights II", Ice Bear is seen to have a secret armory of extra fire axes in the shed.

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