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The Wildlife of San Francisco consists of a vast majority of undomesticated creatures, most of whom reside within the forests surrounding the city.

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When normally seeing these creatures, the group of animals mainly consist of animals such as raccoons, a mule deer, cottontail rabbits, gray squirrels, gray wolves, a Skunk, mice, rats, red foxes, a great horned owl, Virginia opossums, mountain bluebirds, great egrets, ground doves, and California quails. Other animals not normally seen with this group are a snake and its family and the seal Ice Bear had befriended.

Other Wildlife[]

These other groups of wildlife, while they fall under the category of wild creatures, are considered part of their own groups as they're not associated with the general wildlife of the forest and the city.

  • The Wolf Pack: This pack is a group of hostile wolves that roam the forest. The pack is led by "Alpha", a rather strong and intimidating wolf that holds a great amount of authority over its pack. They made their debut in "Brother Up".
  • Pigeon Cartel: This organization is another, rather notorious, group of creatures, though they live in the city rather than the forest. They're a gang of pigeons that specialize in stealing other people's possessions, possibly to sell them off for cash. Debuting in "Our Stuff", they have since been shut down after getting caught by authorities.

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