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The Theater Manager is the manager of Cinepia, a cinema located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He makes his first and only appearance in the episode "Shush Ninjas".


He wears a white dress polo shirt with a red vest over it. He wears a dark red bow tie and a golden tag that reads "Manager". He has gray hair and a gray mustache.

Shush Ninjas

The manager was confronted by the Bears after they were disrupted by all the noise going on the cinema block. After monologuing about how the peace and tranquility of the fine cinematography arts have been disrupted, the Bears got the idea to, after pulling out Panda's interpretive dance suits from their backpack, dress up as ninjas and shush all the "noise-makers" in the blocks. The Manager agrees to this and they get to work.

After the Bears go overboard with their shush-ing, the Manager is forced to kick them out, as they caused too much disruption, causing all the people to leave the cinema.

The Bears head off to a library to sit in quiet. A presumed to be cleaner went after them to tell them they needed their help again, to which the Bears hesitantly obliged. After completing their mission, the Manager congratulated them and awarded them with a free screening of the movie the Bears missed out on watching at the beginning of the episode.


  • The Theater Manager shares a visual likeness with his voice actor, Rodger Bumpass.

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