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This article is about the character from "Panda's Friend". You may be looking for the Top of the Morning co-host.

Tom is a minor character and was first introduced in "Panda's Friend". He is, most notably, a human counterpart to Panda Bear. He loves anime and Korean drama. Also, he is 97% matched to Panda, as seen on Buddy Market. He also appeared in "Bro Brawl".


Tom has short black hair and wears round black-rimmed glasses. Being a human counterpart to Panda, he, of course bears attire resembling a panda. He wears a notable black and white sweater, with it being entirely black with a white stripe around the center with a black shirt underneath. He's also seen wearing regular long jeans and 'expressive plum' shoes.

In 'Bro Brawl', he is seen wearing an olympic blue shirt, shorts of the same color as his pants, ribbed grayish white ankle socks, his shoes, and an aegean blue helmet.

He briefly appears in the Bros in the City intro in the episode 'Bros in the City', wearing corn yellow swim trunks with a cream-ish strip seen only on one side (though it could be that the stripe is found on both sides).

Episode Appearances

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  • Daniel Chong confirmed that the human dopplegangers' appearance in "Panda's Friend" would not be their last in the show.[1]
  • Tom was designed by Lauren Sassen.[2]
  • Panda said that Tom is the first one that he's ever known in his life with traits like him (i.e. Nut Allergy).
  • In the episode "Bro Brawl", he mentions that he currently has a girlfriend (who remains unnamed).


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