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We'll Be There is the theme song that opens into every episode of the Cartoon Network animated TV show We Bare Bears. It was first shown at SDCC 2015 before the show's television premiere.

Like the closing theme, this song is not available on Brad Breeck's SoundCloud stream, but is featured in both the television and movie soundtracks. 


The sequence begins with The Bears are walking through changing locations: a Californian city, NYC (with Nom Nom in the car, throwing a bottle), basketball court (Grizzly is doing a lowest score), library (Panda gives the book to Chloe), drive-thru (Panda gets a drink), a fun place (with a ball pit and children), campus (with a windy setting where Grizz flies away with an umbrella), a market in South America, mall (Panda pops up texting), baseball field (Ice Bear is pretending to be a beauty pageant) and a forest (with animals) alongside them and Charlie. The Bears take a selfie and the show's logo appears.



We'll be there!
A wink and a smile and a great, old time!
Yeah, we’ll be there!
Wherever we are,
There’s some fun to be found!
We'll be there when you turn that corner,
We'll jump out the bush,
With a big bear hug and a smile!
We'll be there!


We'll be there
A wink and a smile and great old time
Yeah, we'll be there
Wherever we are
There's some fun to be found
We'll be there
When you turn that corner
We'll jump out the bush
With a big bear hug and a smile
We'll be there!
When it's five on the dot
And you're off the clock
And you can't find much to do.
And you wanna hang out
Or just dance around
Or hang with somebody new.
We'll be right there, 'cause you're part of the crew
We will be right there waiting, waiting for you.
When the weekend comes
And you're up for fun
And you're way too cool for the club.
We can make a plan
Or just hang around
And snack on a honey bun.
We'll be right there, 'cause you're part of the crew
We will be right there waiting, waiting for you.
We'll be there.
DA da da
Da da da da da da da da aaaaaaaaahhh!
We'll be there!
Wherever we are
There’s some fun to be found
We'll be there when you turn that corner
We'll jump out the bush
With a big bear hug and a smile
We'll be there!

Promotional Cover[]

A covered version of the theme song, called Will You Be There? used in a promo for episode premieres all April 2017.

Will you be there?
Brand new adventures every night!
Will you be there?
Laughter together and feeling alright!
We love it when they jump up and down,
and dance all around.
Nothing ever gets them down.
Will you be there?


  • On Dish Network receivers, the closed captions exclude "hug and a" from the line "With a big bear hug and a smile".
  • British R&B singer Estelle, the vocalist of the song, also voices Garnet from the show Steven Universe, another Cartoon Network original series.
  • At the beginning, there is a brief glimpse of an Arab girl wearing a red hijab. She is later seen in Chloe's class in "Chloe" during the presentation.
  • The opening sequence has scenes that foreshadows important events related to the Bears:
    • The Bears' very bad talent with basketball, their friendship with Chloe Park, their eating habits which would lead to their health and lifestyle, the Bears' conflict with Nom Nom, Grizzly's social ineptness and carefree attitude, Panda's persistent unfortunate trying to get a girlfriend, Ice Bear getting caught up in misadventures and their friendship with Charlie.
  • The full version of the theme song is sung in an acapella remix by everyone on-screen in the episode "More Everyone's Tube".


  • In the last scene of the theme, the phone Panda hands to Grizzly is not the same phone used to take the Bears' selfie.



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