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We Baby Bears is an American animated spin-off/prequel television series of We Bare Bears announced on May 30, 2019.[1] The spin-off series focuses on The Baby Bears and explores fresh and fun stories with the show's most beloved baby bear characters, it takes place in an anime style than in the original setting of the series. Manny Hernandez serves as developer and showrunner while Daniel Chong and Calvin Wong serve as executive producers. It began airing on January 1, 2022.[2][3]

Broadcast Notes

The Canadian debut of the series was on Teletoon (1:30 p.m. EST on Saturday 1st January 2022) whereas the Canadian version of Cartoon Network is scheduled to debut it on Sunday 9th January 2022.


The Baby Bears travel to many different places on their adventures, they will be anywhere they explore.


After trying and failing to find a home, as usual, while cast onto the streets of a city (Most likely San Francisco), The Baby Bears end up in a local playground in the middle of the night and wish on a star (Because that always works in cartoons, as Grizz explains) that they'd at least have a chance at finding a new home, no matter where in the universe it is! By some twist of fate (Maybe real magic, or maybe just their imaginations, who can say?) the star falls from the sky and fuses with their box, turning it into a magical means of transportation to many worlds, from a village of talking vegetables, to a land where snowsculptures come to life, and goodness knows where else in-between.

In each of those worlds and the adventures that come with it, however, the bears end up finding reasons they do not belong there, and are forced to fly their box into the next reality to start over somewhere else, yet no matter what craziness they face, they continue to face it all together like the brothers they are.

While this show is still new, and thus there's no telling where they'll end up, it is clear that the magic (Real or Imagined) is bound to end when the bears are big enough to have outgrown the box, so all their adventures until that point are full of child-like whimsy and energy, proving that big things come in small packages, and that as long as Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear have each other, they can make themselves at home anywhere... no matter how outlandish and strange... even if it is only temporary.

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Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. Code
1 TBA The Magical Box January 1, 2022 101
Three baby bear brothers are granted a magical box that can transport them to any place in the universe.
2 TBA Bears and the Beanstalk January 1, 2022 102
The Bears work as short-order cooks in a giant's diner.
3 TBA Boo-Dunnit January 1, 2022 103
While visiting a mansion haunted by ghosts, the Bears must play detective to find out which one of them stole their box.
4 TBA The Little Mer-Bear January 1, 2022 104
In order to live under the sea, the Bears must transform into mermaids.
5 TBA Modern-ish Stone Age Family January 1, 2022 105
The Bears are invited to live with a family of cavemen, but things get rocky when the Bears teach the family about television.
6 TBA Excalibear January 1, 2022 106
The Bears visit a medieval vegetable village and Grizz is convinced he's the rightful king.
7 TBA Meat House January 1, 2022 107
The Bears and their new friend, Squatter Otter, take up residence in a mysterious house made of meat.
8 TBA The Pirate Parrot Polly January 1, 2022 108
The Bears team up with Polly the Parrot Pirate on a quest for hidden treasure.
9 TBA Baby Bear Genius January 1, 2022 109
Baby geniuses want Ice Bear to attend their prestigious school, but without Grizz and Panda.
10 TBA Bug City Sleuths January 1, 2022 110
The Bears become noir-style detectives to live in a city inhabited by bugs.
11 TBA Hashtag Number One Fan January 3, 2022 111
Panda gets kidnapped by a pair of deranged French foxes.
12 TBA Snow Place Like Home January 3, 2022 112
When the Bears realize whatever they build with snow comes to life they decide to build the biggest snow party of all time.
13 TBA Fiesta Day January 10, 2022 113
The Bears party it up with living piñatas for Fiesta Day. Wanting the festivities to never end, Grizz wishes for it to be Fiesta Day everyday.
14 TBA Baba Yaga House January 10, 2022 114
Squatter Otter tries to win Panda's trust and convince the Bears to live in a mysterious house.
15 TBA Bears in the Dark January 17, 2022 115
The Bears search for their missing box in a dark and scary cave.
16 TBA Big Trouble Little Babies January 17, 2022 116
When they realize they're too small for the rides at an amusement park, the Bears use a magic potion to get bigger.
17 TBA Triple T Tigers January 24, 2022 117
When the Bears meet three cool tiger brothers, Grizz wants to be just like the oldest, TK, but he may not be the best role model.
18 TBA Panda's Family January 24, 2022 118
While exploring a lantern festival, the Bears encounter Panda's long-lost family.
19 TBA A Tale of Two Ice Bears January 31, 2022 119
The Bears acidentally clone Ice Bear and Ice Bear has a hard time adjusting.
20 TBA Unica January 31, 2022 120
The Bears join forces with Unica, the ultimate forest protector.