We Baby Bears


We Baby Bears is a We Bare Bears spin-off/prequel series announced on May 30, 2019.[1] The spin-off series will focus on the baby bears and will explore fresh and fun stories with the show's most beloved baby bear characters, it takes place in an anime-esque style instead of the original. Manny Hernandez will serve as the show runner while Daniel Chong will be executive producer on the spin-off series. It will begin airing in January 2022.[2]



  • The spin-off series features the Baby Bears playing more of major roles other than the Adult Bears.
  • Baby Panda is voiced by Max Mitchell instead of Duncan Joiner as well as Baby Ice Bear.
  • The Baby Bears will appear in a totally different way; they'll appear as anime-esque characters instead of their original selves.
  • The title logo for We Baby Bears and the Baby Bears box with the stars on them almost resemble Steven Universe like the star on his red shirt.
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