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We Bare Bears: The Movie is a made-for television film based on We Bare Bears that was released exclusively on digital on June 30, 2020 and will air on Cartoon Network on September 7, 2020. It was first announced on May 30, 2019. This film serves as the series finale for "We Bare Bears".


The movie will learn that best bros Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear have always had each other’s backs. When their love of food trucks and internet fame leads to unexpected mayhem, they must go on a wild, hilarious and dangerous adventure to escape a foe that threatens to tear them apart.


In San Francisco, Grizzly, Panda and Ice start their day by rushing through the city to be the first in line at a new poutine food truck. Along the way, they cause havoc for the people in the street who chastise them for their carelessness. The friendly Officer Murphy reveals that he has collected folders of "Bear Complaints", but cannot find any reason to punish them. Realizing how much trouble they cause, and incensed over Nom Nom getting special treatment, the Bears decide to become viral stars (despite having failed in the past). They hook up an entire computer system to their house and force stream their antics to everyone in the city. Everyone finds their live feed amusing, mostly because they are repeating outdated memes, but everyone quickly turns on them again when they cause a massive blackout.

Murphy refuses to enforce severe punishment, until Agent Trout, a nature preservationist, arrives declaring that wild animals, in general, in public places is not natural and that the Bears need to be taken away and separated. The public agrees and the bears are stuffed in a police van. As Chloe, Darrell, Tabes and Lucy complain to Trout about his treatment of the Bears, Charlie, Brenda and the rest of the forest animals hijack the van and drive into the forest. Inspired by the poutine truck, Grizz suggests that they flee to Canada because they love bears there. Panda initially rejects the idea, but changes his mind when he realizes that he does not want to stay with Charlie. They disguise their van has a hippie van and make their way to Canada.

After outwitting Trout's agents at an inspection stop, the Bears get into an argument over which route to take and end up getting driven off the road by the Mystery Machine. They crash their van near a corn field and discover a "stick-stadium" that is full of internet famous animals who are having a rave. While the animals are inviting, they confront the Bears when they learn that they are not internet stars. The Bears explain their situation and the animals sympathize with them and allow them to stay. However, one of the attendees (Pizza Rat) alerts Trout to their location after having grown jealous of their inclusivity. The animals fight off the agents while Dramatic Cow and the Raccoons see the Bears off in their newly fixed van.

The Bears get chased by Trout and his men, but manage to escape, though the van once again gets destroyed. They make it to the Canadian border, but discover that they cannot enter due to them not having any passports. Angry and frustrated, the Bears have a falling out with each other just as Trout and his men arrive to capture them. Trout announces his plan to have Panda and Ice Bear sent to China and the Arctic, respectively, while Grizz is encased in a bear enclosure with other non-speaking bears. After having a conversation with his younger self, Grizz remembers that he made a promise on the day he met Panda and Ice Bear; that they would be "bros forever". Grizz breaks out of the enclosure and frees the other bears where they proceed to free Panda and Ice Bear.

A fire breaks out due to an electrified fence and Murphy arrives in a helicopter to rescue them. The Bears decide to make the biggest bear stack they can as news reporters and onlookers watch. Trout uses the Bears to escape onto the helicopter, but Murphy arrests him and all the Bears manage to escape. Afterwards, the Bears are viewed as heroes, Trout is taken into custody and Murphy announces his intent to have the Bears taken home. Grizz has Murphy allow all the other Bears to become naturalized in San Francisco as everyone begins to appreciate their presence and adopt them into their society. During the credits, more bears arrive in San Francisco with many of them adopting human behavior similar to Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear while humans begin adopting many of the Bears' behavior such as the stack.



We Bare Bears Movie Official Trailer Cartoon Network

We Bare Bears Movie Official Trailer Cartoon Network

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Cultural References

  • The Bears reference several memes when attempting to make the ultimate video:
    • Grizzly at one point references the Gangnam Style and even dresses like Psy.
    • Panda even references the Shooting Stars meme after Grizz pushes him off the roof of the cave.
    • The Bears also do the Harlem Shake at one point during the scene.
  • The Mystery Machine from "Scooby-Doo" makes a cameo appearance as the Bears nearly collided with it and swerve off the road.
  • All of the Internet famous animals are references to animal memes:
  • A new version of Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere" done by Roosevelt in 2019 plays during the credits of the film.


When the bears disguise themselves as hippies (on the next scene), Ice Bear's eyes is missing.


  • Creator Daniel Chong is credited as a executive producer on the movie.



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