Chat Rules

  • Chat is a fun area where users can interact, share, and basically just chat. 
  • Mild cursing is allowed in the chatroom provided that it is not abused.
  • Role Playing is allowed as long as it does not get taken too seriously and if/when a majority of users or staff members ask you to stop that you do.
  • Do not discuss or post anything overly sexual or pornographic
  • Be aware that any user can screenshot your actions while in the chatroom, be cautious of what you say.
  • Jokes that have the possibility of being offensive (i.e. homosexual jokes) are allowed as long as they are mild and not overly offensive.
  • When you're in the chatroom it is recommended that you speak in English.
  • When a chat moderator, administrator, or the majority who are present asks you to stop doing something in chat, stop doing it.
  • Level of punishment will depend on the severity of the act, and the judgment of the chat moderator or administrator who addresses it.
  • Private messages are not monitored.
    • If a user is being abusive, click their avatar and select "Block Private Messages".
    • Spamming chat gradually or suddenly because of boredom is disallowed and may result in being kicked or banned if necessary.
  • Do not directly advertise another wiki while on chat.
  • Do not post links to illegal downloads or streams of copyrighted material (e.g. full episodes of We Bare Bears)
  • Realize that staff members are here to help you and if you have any questions or need help with anything to just ask them in either PM or on the main chatroom.
  • Do not write links to any websites that have strong profanity, nudity, or has frightening parts.

Staff Members

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