Discord is a free voice and text chat app. It is more convenient than the Wikia integrated chat. It can be accessed through a web browser or the Discord app which can be downloaded from their website.

How to join

  1. A legitimate Wikia account is required for verification before joining the discord server. To register a Wikia account, use this link.
  2. Register an account. This can be done here. Afterwards, make sure the email used to register the account is verified.
  3. Get Discord. You can download the Discord app here. Alternatively, you can use Discord in-browser.
  4. Connect to the official We Bare Bears Wiki Discord. You can join by clicking the Connect button on the Discord widget, which can be found both at the side of all wiki pages and at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can join by going to this link.
  5. After joining the channel, you'll find yourself in the #join_leave channel. Please leave your Wikia username in this channel for verification. After verification, you will be given a role dependent on your current role on the wiki, allowing you access to more channels.


These are the general rules that are to be following when joining the Discord. Please note that the wiki's general rules and chat policy apply here, as well.

  1. Do not rude to each other, be polite.
  2. Do not insult or argue with another user.
  3. No NSFW content is allowed. This includes anything you wouldn't want to be seen at work or in school.
  4. Swearing and discriminative slurs are also forbidden.


Roles on Discord are similar to Wikia's user groups; different roles have different colors and permissions that allow or revoke access to certain things.

Name Given to Permissions Can be pinged
Admin Administrators
(and certain in-chat users)
In addition to Staff privileges, can change and manage all settings of the server. Yes
Staff Staff members Can kick and ban users, manage users' nicknames, mute and deafen user server-wide, move members to different channels, and delete and pin messages. No
Patroller Patrollers Same as Staff members. No
Chat Mod Chat Moderators Same as Staff members. No
Grizz Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Panda Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Ice Bear Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Charlie Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Nom Nom Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Chloe Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Ranger Tabes Self-assigned Same as Bears. No
Prodigy Users with server score 4000 Same as Bears. No
Ranger Users with server score 3000 Same as Bears. No
Alpha Bear Users with server score 2000 Same as Bears. No
Middle Bear Users with server score 1400 Same as Bears. No
Little Brother Users with server score 800 Same as Bears. No
Cryptid Users with server score 500 Same as Bears. No
Poppy Ranger Users with server score 240 Same as Bears. No
Bears Verified users Can access basic chat channels, create instant invites, change their nickname, use external emoticons and send files. No
Time Out Punished users Can only access the #time_out room. No
Bot Utility bots Can kick or ban users and delete messages. No


These are the channels currently available in the server.

Name Use
Text channels
#info Channel which outlines the information and rules about the server.
join_leave Channel for stating who you are on Wikia.
#users A list of every user in the Discord.
#time_out A room where users can be put in "Time Out" as an alternative punishment to kicking.
#wiki_activity Channel for viewing the wiki's activity through Discord.
#wiki_activity-es Channel for viewing the Spanish We Bare Bears wiki's activity through Discord.
#general General chatroom to chill out and have fun together.
#off_topic Channel for any conversations unrelated to the show and a channel for multi-language user to hangout.
#spoilers Channel for spoilers.
#bot_fun Channel for having fun with bots and spamming bot commands.
#emojis Channel for suggesting or share any We Bare Bears emoji.
#voice Channel only for aid related to voice chat.
Voice channels
General Voice chat available to everyone.
Staff Chat Voice chat only available to the staff/admins.


If you see this, your JavaScript might be disabled or DiscordIntegrator plugin isn't working. If the latter, please contact a wiki administrator.