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Editing Policy

All rules found in the Rules and Regulations page also apply when editing.


  • See Help:Editing for editing advice.
  • Unverifiable and ludicrous content is not to be added to pages, nor is speculation and fan content.
  • Do not engage in edit wars with other users. Doing so can and will lead to blocking. Please refer to here Help:Edit warring.


  • Vandalism is the term used for harmful contributions made by users who are known as vandals. Vandalism is usually done to offend others, to drag away attention, or to simply cause destruction. It's when you illegitimately blank pages and insert obvious nonsense into a or destroy the content of a page.
    • Vandalizing a page is a serious offense and proper action is will take place.
    • There is no acceptable excuse for vandalism, and vandalizing will always result in a block, usually of indefinite length.
    • Creating pages that are completely unrelated to We Bare Bears can also be considered vandalism.
    • If a user intentionally renames or creates a page with an inappropriate or nonsensical name, it can also be considered as vandalism.


  • Spam, though its definition is fairly flexible, is usually unwanted messages or advertisements being excessively posted to cause any sort of disruption.
    • Spam is deleted immediately when discovered and appropriate action will take place against the spammer.


  • Observe correct spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
    • Be sure your changes make sense and flow with the article smoothly, especially when working with complex code.
    • One tiny error in coding could potentially mess up an entire page.
    • When working with the Classic Editor, always use the "Preview" button before publishing to ensure the page looks the way you intended it to.