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Userpage Policy


  • Userpages are personal pages where a user can write and share with others about themselves. See Help:User page for more information.
  • Never edit someone else's userpage unless reverting vandalism from someone else or if you're assisting in fixing something that is broken on their page.
    • Userpages are personal, and should not be edited by other users.
    • If a user is to edit another's userpage, it should be done with the user's explicit permission.
  • For your safety, do not add any any personal information about yourself (e.g., your real name, where you live). Please refer to the Rules and Regulations.
  • Only staff members may have the staff templates and staff category on their profiles.
  • Users cannot post insulting or intimidating comments about other users on their user page. It's generally offensive and can start fights that can get very ugly very quickly. If an administrator notices something insulting on your user page, you will be kindly asked to remove it. Refusing to do so will lead to removal of the content without further input.
    • Users also must not add an "Enemies", "Hate list" or anything similar to their userpage.