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I'm mean to sheeps and germs...
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The Wolf is a character from We Baby Bears


The wolf has gray fur, yellow eyes and sharp teeth. He wears a black cap, a white tank top with a blue stripe down the middle, and denim shorts.


He is angry, cruel, but at the same time has a sense of humor and is cheerful. He also takes care of his hygiene, washing his paws before eating and wearing a bib to keep himself clean while eating.

Wolf's Father (born December 5, 1952)[]


Wolf's Mother (born February 9, 1963, died April 25, 2009)[]



  • The show has never confirmed his age, so it is not known how old he is, but there are several facts that indicate that he is a minor:
    • He wears a cap that is usually given to young characters especially to the bullies he is.
    • He caricaturely cares about his hygiene, fighting against germs and wearing a bib while eating, characteristics that child characters in cartoons usually have.