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Wyatt is a motorcycle gang member who first appeared in "Road Trip." He has only appeared once in the show.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 3[]


Wyatt is a tall man with a stout body. He has a large beard compared to his face and has a big head. He wears a black coat while riding a motorcycle and always wears a helmet. Also, he has two colleagues.



In "Road Trip," When he first met The Bears and Chloe Park in the resting place. Unfortunately he got separated from his colleague and needs a ride. He introduce himself as a legit motorcycle gang. Also he's always well-prepared. Later, the car ran out of gas he willingly shared his gas. In the end, watch a meteor shower with The Bears and Chloe Park and his colleague.




  • Wyatt's last name is never said in the episode.
  • His appearance seems to be based on that of his voice actor, Ron Funches.