X-treme Fizzy Diet Cola is, evidently, a diet soda beverage. It was, presumably, Grizzly who bought the soda. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Primal".


The wrapping on the bottle is primarily dark orange. The bottom of the wrapper has a picture of the bubbles you get from a fizzy soda. In the center of the wrapper is the logo, X-treme Fizzy Cola, in yellow. Inside of the logo is a white bubble with the word Diet typed inside.


A soda appears in the Pilot as a general soda. The bottle is labelled with "Diet Soda", and has no known brand name.


Grizzly is pouring the soda into a glass for him to drink while he watches Everyone's Tube videos, specifically, Baby sloths on the march.


  • The soda, so far, has only been seen to come in 3 liter bottles.
  • As Grizzly was going to drink diet soda, rather than regular soda, it can be assumed Grizzly cannot drink regular sodas.
  • Grizzly is never canonically seen drinking the soda.
  • In the Pilot, the soda is likely an off-brand diet soda.

Cultural References

  • The soda appears to be a reference to Coca-Cola, a carbonated soft drink produced and manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company.


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